Online File

The ProxiSanté service allows patients in pharmacies affiliated with PROXIM to consult their file online as well as the tip sheets and to make renewal requests online.

Patients can also send a short message to the laboratory team by writing a note that will be attached to their renewal request. A confirmation of receipt of the request is generated on-screen and will be emailed to the patient. For confidentiality reasons, the names of the medications will not appear in the confirmation sent by email.

The patient must provide a personal email address that is not accessible to third parties. Furthermore, no confidential information is sent to this email address. It will only be used to communicate general information about ProxiSanté, to send a new temporary password or to confirm receipt of the request.


Activation of your ProxiSanté account is done directly in the pharmacy, face-to-face.

Then, personalized access can be transmitted to the patient in two different ways:

• Registration by email.
• Activation via file number and a temporary password.


Once registration is complete, you can access your file online, regardless of the time of day or day of the week.
where it is located.

To access the portal, you must:

• Go to www.proxisanté.ca
• Identify your username and password.


After activating your ProxiSanté profile at the pharmacy, if you choose to proceed via email:

• Click the link in the email that leads you to ProxiSanté.
• Enter your date of birth.
• Select "Continue" to proceed to the next step in the identification process.
• Accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
• Choose a new username and change password.
• Change your email address (optional) and choose 3 different security questions from the list.
• Enter your username and password on the "Login" page, then select the "User Name" and "Password".


After activating your ProxiSanté profile at the pharmacy, if you choose to proceed via a file number and temporary password:

• Go to
• Enter the file number and the password that will be used to access the file.
• Accept the policy of confidentiality and conditions of use.
• Change your password, then select "Continue".
• Enter your email address and choose 3 different security options among the list.

In the "Drugs" section, you can view the list of medications in your patient record. You can view detailed information and the history of the various services of the prescription selected, by choosing the "Info and History" tab.

The page is divided into two sections: detailed information about the order and the history of the different services.
You can also view and print the tip sheet by selecting the "Counselling Sheet" tab of the selected product. The counselling sheet is available for consultation for most of the drugs that are in your profile.