Old Malone Pharmacy - Divine Essence Muscles and Joints Roll-on No.2 15 mL Aromatherapy, Diffusers & Wellness

Divine Essence Muscles and Joints Roll-on No.2 15 mL

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Native to Nepal, Fragrant Wintergreen (Gaultheria Fragantissima) is a small evergreen shrub with white blossoms that produce purplish red berries in winter. Pressing its leaves releases a strong medicinal odour. A close cousin to Wintergreen, whose name has been attributed to Canadian botanist, J.F. Gaulther, Fragrant Wintergreen is known to soothe muscle aches. The essential oil obtained by distilling its leaves contains a high concentration (99%) of methyl salicylate and has an odour that is highly characteristic of balms used in sports medicine.

Wintergreen Fragrant essential oil is used in aromatherapy for temporary relief of muscle and joint pain associated with backache, lumbago, strains, bruises, sprains and arthritis.

Ingredients: Gaultheria Fragantissima Oil, Mentha Arvensis Oil, Lavandula Hybrida Super Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus Oil.

Canadian, Natural, Vegan, Certified Organic by EcoCert Canada