Old Malone Pharmacy - FillGood Glasses + Mirrors Cleaner Wooden Fir (2 Capsules) Cleaning Supplies

FillGood Glasses + Mirrors Cleaner Wooden Fir (2 Capsules)

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No more traces in your mirrors and windows while using a biodegradable and safe product for the whole family.

A sachet allows you to fill 2 bottles of 500 ml, for a total of one liter.

1. Fill a 500 ml spray bottle with water

2. Drop a cleaning pod inside

3. Close bottle and shake to dissolve

Please compost packaging after use!


Food grade citric acid: It's the acid contained in citrus fruits. Citric acid attacks fats for deep cleaning.

Coconut oil derivatives: This coconut extraction ensures an impeccable polished finish.

Sodium olefin sulfonate: It is a cleaning agent which is also used in the composition of shampoos, shower gels and cleansers. We use it in our products to remove dirt and particles deposits by detaching them from surfaces to be able to remove them by rinsing

Alkyl Benzene sufonate: Sometimes used in cosmetics or toothpaste, it is a very mild cleanser.

Sodium octyl sulfate: Frequently used in the composition of shampoos, it is an unequaled foaming agent.

Borax: Often found in salt lakes and alkaline soils. It extends the life of your products.

Fragrances: Blend of essential oils and natural fragrances without phthalates which makes your cleaning experience pleasant on the nose!