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FillGood Universal Surface Cleaner Wood Fir (2 Capsules)

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An all-purpose cleaner for every room in the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

A sachet allows you to fill 2 bottles of 500 ml, for a total of one liter.

1. Fill a 500 ml spray bottle with water

2. Drop a cleaning pod inside

3. Close bottle and shake to dissolve

Please compost packaging after use!


Food grade citric acid: It's the acid contained in citrus fruits. Citric acid attacks fats for deep cleaning.

Sodium Laureth sulfat: Natural source of cleaning agent derived from coconut and certified not carcinogenic.

Alkyl polyglucoside: Gentle cleaning agent from vegetable and starch sources.

Sodium chloride: It is the scientific name for salt. Made from minerals, it acts as an incomparable viscosity adjuster.

Glycereth-2 cocoate: Extra mild wetting agent produced from coconut.

Fragrances: Blend of essential oils and natural fragrances without phthalates which makes your cleaning experience pleasant on the nose!