Old Malone Pharmacy - PureNature Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner Orange & Mint 710 mL Cleaning Supplies

PureNature Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner Orange & Mint 710 mL

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PureNEffective for cleaning windows, mirrors, wood, leather, walls, floors and all surfaces requiring a neutral pH. Antistatic agent that repels dust and facilitates maintenance. Naturally disinfects surfaces with pine oil and its essential oils of orange and mint (no synthetic fragrance or dye).

Pine oil: Naturally disinfects surfaces
Orange: Dissolves dirt and shines surfaces

Aqua: Water
Sodium laureth sulfate: Plant derived cleaning agent
Decyl glucoside: Plant derived cleaning agent
Glycerin: Plant derived moisturizing agent
Sweet orange oil: 100% natural essential oil
Pinus Sylvestris Leaf Oil (Pine oil): 100% natural essential oil
Glycereth-2 cocoate: Plant derived cleaning agent
Laureth-9: Plant derived cleaning agent
Xanthan gum: Plant derived thickener
Sodium citrate: Plant derived pH adjuster
Citric acid: Plant derived pH adjuster
Benzisothiazolinone: Synthetic & biodegradable preservative
Fragrance/Parfum Mix of 100% natural essential oils