Old Malone Pharmacy - PureNature Fabric Softener Geranium & Lavender 1.6 L Laundry Care

PureNature Fabric Softener Geranium & Lavender 1.6 L

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Ideal for both HE front-loading washers and conventional washers. Refreshes fabrics with its geranium and lavender mix of essential oils (no synthetic fragrance or dye). Help to remove static. Ideal for sensitive skin, babies and all types of fabrics.

Natural minerals: Soften fabrics and help to remove static.
Cedar floral water: Refreshes fabrics.

Aqua Water
Methyl bis (tallowamido ethyl)-2-hydroxyethyl ammonium methyl sulfate: Naturally-based fabric softener
Sodium carbonate: Mineral pH adjuster
Sodium chloride: Mineral surface tension modifier
Thuya occidentalis floral water: Cedar flower water
Fragrance/Parfum Mix of 100% natural essential oils
Magnesium chloride: Mineral stabilizer
Magnesium nitrate: Mineral stabilizer