Old Malone Pharmacy - Zevia Black Cherry Soda 6x255 ml Beverages

Zevia Black Cherry Soda 6x255 ml

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Zevia beverages offer bold flavors that you will love, without the harmful stuff found in traditional sodas and typical sugary carbonated beverages. All Zevia beverages are zero calorie and zero sugar with no artificial Ingredients: , without sacrificing fun or flavor. Sweetened with the miracle that is stevia leaf, Zevia sodas, energy drinks, sparkling waters, and mixers offer delight the natural way.

Medicinal: Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), caffeine

Non medicinal: Carbonated water, eryhritol, caramel colour, L-tarraric,acid, rebauidoside, steva extract, fumaric acid, natural flavour, citric acid, gum arabic, mixed tocopherols